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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cheshire Swan Study Group News Sheet No 9 February 2012.

Cheshire Swan Study Group News Sheet No 9 February 2012.

Since my last report in October, the Swan Study Group has ringed a total of 48 Swans including 27 cygnets, 7 adults, 11 second years and 3 third year birds.
There was 9 retrap.

The maximum counts of flocks of Mute swans since October  are as follows.

Acre Dell Pools, Congleton = 46 on 23rd October, 42 on 26th November, 43 on 10th December and 52 on 28th January.
Astbury, Congleton = 10 on 23rd October, 15 on 27th November and 14 on 22nd January.
Canal in Middlewich = 26 on 26th October, 37 on 28th November, 33 on 11th December and 62 on 22nd January.
Comber Mere = 5 on 20th November, 19 on 12 December and 8 on 9th January.
Doddington Mere, Nantwich = 31 on 31st October, 31 on 7th November, 33 on 2nd December and 37 on 28th January.
Nantwich Boating Lake = 13 on 21st October, 14 on 19th November, 10 on 1st December and 10 on 8th January.
Quoisley Meres near Whitchurch = 45 on 17th October, 42 on 21st November, 36 on 19th December and 5 on 16th January.
Redes Mere, Macclesfield = 24 on 16th October, 15 on 20th November, 9 on 18th December and 8 on 15th January.

The Cheshire Swan Study Group Report for 2011 will be available either by email or post from march onwards, please contact me if you require a copy.

Sightings of all Swans should be sent to:- David Cookson.
Email =  giving details of place (6 fig map ref) , colour/character combination of ring and, if with other swans, total number present in flock. All sightings will receive a printout of the history for the relevant bird(s).
NB. Please note that our Swan Reports and Newsletters are now available on our Website as listed below.

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Swan Ringing in Cheshire January 2012

This month we ringed the following swans.

At Hankelow Mill near Nantwich on 9th = CCD2 = second year male + CCD5 + CCD6 = second year females.

At Hankelow Hall pools near Nantwich on 6th = CCD3 = second year female + CCD4 = second year male.

At the River Dee in Chester on 11th = CCD7 as a male of unknown age.

At Doddington Mere near Nantwich on 13th = CCD8 as a second year male.

At Spike Island, Widnes on 18th a retrap = ex 7FPC now CCF2  as a male of unknown age.

At Acre Dell Pools near Congleton on 22nd = CCF3 as a second year female.

At Astbury mere, Congleton on 22nd = CCF4 as a second year female.

On the Canal in Middlewich on 22nd = CCF5 a retrap as a female as unknown age. CCF6 as a male of unknown age and CCF7 as second year male.

Around the County the highest counts in January were as follows.

Acre Dell Pools, Congleton = 46 on 21st.
Astbury Mere, Congleton = 14 on 22nd.
Doddington Mere, Nantwich = 36 on 13th.
Nantwich Boating Lake = 8 on 15th.
The Canal in Middlewich = 62 on 22nd.
Comber Mere near Whitchurch = 8 on 9th.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January 2012 Weather Records for Rope, Crewe, Cheshire

All temperatures in degrees Centigrade.

Lowest Night Temperature = -2.8 = 30-1-12.
Highest Day Temperature = 11.7 = 18-1-12.
Average Mean Minimum Monthly Temperature = 2.42.
Average Mean Maximum Monthly Temperature = 8.94.
Highest Gust Speed = 49 MPH = Westerley = 0540 hours = 5-1-12.
Months Rainfall = 76.3 mm / 3.05 inches.
Months Sunshine = 91.3 hours.