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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Some photos taken earlier this year

                                         Lapwing and Shelduck
                                         Pintail duck
                                         Flock of Mute Swans on the canal in Middlewich

Friday, 13 April 2012

South Cheshire BTO Wetland Bird Survey highlights for weekend of 7/8 April.

5  Common Snipe at Baddiley Meres.

 2 Curlew at Burleydam Pool.

2 Gadwall at Baddiley Meres.

16 Great Crested Grebe at Marbury Meres.

2 Little Ringed Plovers at Arclid Sand Quarry.

4 Mandarin Ducks at Comber Mere.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Swan Ringing in Cheshire March 2012

The Cheshire Swan Study Group ringed 10 swans in march 2012.

At Acre Dell pools, Congleton = CCJ5 a male of unknown age.
At Astbury, Congleton = CCF8 a second year male + CCJ6 another second year male as a retrap.
At the canal in Middlewich = CCJ0 a second year female and CCJ5 a second year male.
At Ellesmere, Shropshire = CCJ4 a male of unknown age.
At the Nantwich Boating Lake = CCJ8 a retrap as a male of unknown age.
At the river Dane in Northwich = CCJ3 a retrap as a female of unknown age.
At Spike Island, Widnes = CCJ2 a third year female and CCJ3 a second year male.

The highest site counts in march were as follows.

Acre Dell pools, Congleton = 43 on 18th.
Astbury, Congleton = 18 on 18th.
Canal, Coole Pilate near Nantwich = 16 on 30th.
Canal, Middlewich = 16 on 18th.
On fields in the Cholmondeley area = 51 on 18th.
Comber Mere near Whitchurch = 8 on 11th.
Doddington mere near Nantwich = 22 on 2nd.
Nantwich Boating Lake = 11 on 12th.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

March 2012 Weather Records for Rope, Crewe, Cheshire.

All Temperatures in Degrees Centigrade.

Lowest Night Temperature = - 0.7 = 6-3-12.
Highest Day Temperature = 22.9 = 27-3-12.
Average Minimum Monthly Temperature = 3.3.
Average Maximum Monthly Temperatute = 13.9.
Highest Gust Speed = 30 MPH = NW = 7-3-12.
Rainfall Total = 0.81 inches or 20.2 mm.
Total Rainfall for 2012 so far = 5.36 inches or 134 mm.
Sunshine Total = 176.7 hours.