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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Latest Bird sightings in South Cheshire

Barn Owl - 12th Feb at Comber Mere.
Bittern - 13th Feb at Comber Mere.
2 Oystercatchers - 18th Feb at Doddington pool.
7 Whooper Swans on fields near Burleydam on 22th Feb.
2 Scaup - 24th Feb at Doddington Pool.
2 Pintail - 24th Feb at Woolfall Pool, Hankelow.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cheshire Swan Study News Letter Feb 2011

Cheshire Swan Study Group News Sheet No 6 February 2011.

Since my last report the Swan Study Group has ringed a total of 61 swans, including 15 adults, 4 second year, 35 cygnets and 7 retraps.

The maximum counts of flocks of (Mute) swans since June are as follows.

Acre Dell Pools, Congleton: 76 on 4th October, 77 on 17th November, 96 on 9th December and 103 on 3rd January.

Comber Mere, Nantwich: 17 on 10th October.

Doddington Mere, Nantwich: 8 on 25th October, 11 on 19th November, 23 on 16th December and 27 on 6th January.

Middlewich canal: 17 on 9th October, 31 on 25th November, 32 on 14 December and 25 on 13th January.

Nantwich Boating Lake: 12 on 12th October, 15 on 30th November, 24 on 27th December and 18 on 18th January.

Redes Mere, Macclesfield: 13 on 7th October, 14 on 28th November, 12 on 6th December and 20 on 1st January.

River Dee, Chester: 4 on 21st October, 4 on 5th November, 8 on 24th December and 4 on 15th January.

Interesting Movements: No significant movements were reported, but we have “lost” one of our more interesting records. I reported in March 2010 that a swan ringed near Congleton in March 2007 had been seen in Kensington Gardens, London, in March 2009, before re-appearing in Congleton in May of the same year. This was based on a report from BTO, who have now informed me that the (BTO) ring number had been mis-read in London – it wasn’t “our” bird after all. Pity – it seemed a very good record at the time.

Sightings of all Swans should be sent to:- Email =  giving details of place (6 fig map ref) , colour/character combination of ring and, if with other swans, total number present in flock. All sightings will receive a printout of the history for the relevant bird.(s)

Monday, 7 February 2011

January 2011 weather records at Rope, Crewe, Cheshire

January 2011 Weather Records

Lowest night temperature = - 4.5 degrees Centigrade on 28th.

Highest daytime temperature = + 12.3degrees Centigrade on 16th.

Highest Gust speed = 37 MPH SSW on 15th.

Rainfall for month = 47mm or 1.8 in. 

Total sunshine = 31.5 hours.

Average maximum temperature = 6.45 degrees Centigrade.

Average minimum temperature = 0.5 degrees Centigrade.