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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday Ringing at RSPCA Stapeley Grange, Nantwich sunday 31st October

This morning I had an appointment to ring Mute swans and Canada geese at RSPCA, Stapeley Grange. These birds are ringed prior to release so they can be monitored post treatment. The swans ringed were cygnets brought in due to being orphaned or underweight. 10 mutes and 4 canada geese were ringed. These bird will be released at local sites where the owners will be able to keep an eye on them until they are able to fly off.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cheshire Swan Study Group News Sheet October 2010

Since my last News Sheet in june the Swan Study Group has ringed a total of 66 Mute swans including 17 adults, 9 second year birds, 40 cygnets and 4 retraps.

The maximum counts of flocks of (Mute) swans seen since june are as follows:-

Aber Ogwen, Bangor, North Wales = 114 on 6th july and 108 on 18th august.
Acre Dell pools, Congleton = 50 on 13th june, 48 on 22nd july, 55 on 28th august and 74 on 27th september.
Baddiley meres, Nantwich = 10 on 10th september.
Bottom Flash, Winsford = 16 on 28th august.
Comber mere, Nantwich = 18 on 20th june, 19 on 18th july and 19 on 15th august.
Doddington mere, Nantwich = 25 on 25th june, 62 on 13th july, 57 on 1st august and 12 on 23rd september.
Middlewich canal = 5 on 25th august and 10 on 17th september.
Nantwich Boating Lake = 15 on 17th june, 13 on 13th july, 13 on 10th august and 13 0n 5th september.
Poynton pool = 22 on 27th june.
Redes Mere, Macclesfield = 24 on 29th august and 18 on 5th september.
River Dee, Chester = 5 on 27th july and 10 on 2nd august.

Interesting Swan movements.

Colour ring Green CY48 ringed as a female cygnet on 17-10-09 at Hargrave Hall pools, Chester.
Seen 25-7-2010 at Aber Ogwen, Bangor, North Wales = 88 kms from ringing site.

Colour ring Green CY88 ringed as a male cygnet on 8-10-09 at Middlewich canal.
Seen 18-8-10 at Aber Ogwen, Bangor = 109 kms from ringing site.

Colour ring Green CAD4 ringed at Venetian Marina, Cholmondeston near Nantwich as a male.
Seen 25-7-10 at Aber Ogwen, Bangor = 103 kms from ringing site.