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Monday, 29 August 2011

Swan Ringing in Cheshire week ending 27-8-2011

On monday 22nd I went to the canal at the Shady Oak near Tarporley, where I caught and ringed seven cygnets(CBP6/7/8/9+CBS0/1/3). These included three females and four males. I also caught both adults and added rings to the Cob(CBS2).

On friday 26th, a friend and I were in the Chester area where we caught and ringed 3 cygnets (CBS4/5/6). These were two females and a male on the canal in Waverton. These cygnets were three out of six hatched on Christleton pool. This pool has quite a history of breeding since 1990. We also caught both adults and replaced their Darvic rings(CBS7/8).

We then moved on to the River Dee in Chester where we caught and ringed four adult swans(CBS9/CBT0/CBT1/CBT2). These were two females and two males.

We next went to the Chester canal basin and caught three out of four cygnets(CBT3/CBT4/CBT6). these included two females and a male. We caught and ringed the pen(CBT5). A good mornings ringing.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Swan Ringing in Cheshire Week ending 20-8-11

On monday 15th, I went to Acre Dell Pool, Congleton to look at the flock of 44 swans. I ringed two swans of unknown age CBN5(m) + CBN6(f).
I then went to Astbury mere, Congleton and caught two swans both had BTO rings on them and I added CBN7(m) to one which turns out that it was ringed at Stirchly near Newport in Shropshire on 18-9-06. The second one was ringed at Bowden Hall near Rode Heath as female cygnet on 26-10-10. I added CBN8(f).
On the 16th, a friend and I went to Aquaduct Marina near Church Minshull where we caught and ringed 4 cygnets(CBN9,CBP0,CBP1 and CBP2). All proved to be males. We also caught a Cob which had been in the area since last year(CBP3). These four cygnets were hatched at Swanley Marina near Nantwich and had somehow managed to get themselves to this Marina.
On the 20th, I ringed a cygnet(CBP4) and the father (CBP5) on the canal in Wrenbury.This male cygnet was one of six hatched on a private pool nearby. The Cob killed four of the cygnets, one was taken to RSPCA, Stapeley and so far the remainding one has survived so far.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Camera Trap Photos

The Camera Trap photos of Foxes were taken at a private site in Stapeley near Nantwich.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Swan ringing in South Cheshire week ending 13-8-11.

This week the Swan Study Group has ringed 3 swans.

Two swans were ringed on 5-8-11 at Nantwich Boating Lake. Both were second year males. They were ringed as CBN3 and CBN4.

The third swan was a very small female cygnet ringed on 11-8-11 at Wychwood Golf Course near Crewe. No Darvic ring was put on, only a BTO metal ring.

Friday morning was spent searching for a brood of 5 cygnets to no avail. I have recently found out that they have been seen several miles away near Church Minshull near Crewe. I hope to ring them next week.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Swan ringing in South Cheshire Week ending 6-8-11

Mute Swans.

Barbridge Canal near Nantwich = one male cygnet = CBN1 (G).
Doddington mere near Nantwich = 1 second year female = CBN2 (G). There are 50 Mute Swans here in the Moult flock.
Nantwich Boating Lake = 2 second year males = CBN3(G) and CBN4(G).

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July 2011 Weather Records for Rope, Crewe, Cheshire

All temperatures in degrees Centigrade.

Lowest Night Temperature = 2.9 Degrees on 11-7-11.
Highest Day Temperature = 28.7 Degrees on 26-7-11.
Average Minimum Monthly Temperature = 10.3 Degrees.
Average Maximum Monthly Temperature = 20.7 Degrees.
Highest Gust Speeds = 25 MPH - S - 5-7-11 and 25 MPH - WSW on 16-7-11.
Rainfall = 1.87 inches/ 46.7 mm.
Total for year = 12.8 inches/320mm.
Sunshine = 265.8 hours.